Framing & Mounting

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As a Guild Certified Framer I am guided by the 4 Levels of Framing as defined by the Fine Art Trade Guild

The levels have recently been simplified and now mirror the new mountboard standards that are being adopted by the industry.

You have a choice about how much or how little you want to safeguard your artwork

There are four Levels of Framing for you to choose from.   These are summarised below

Please ask for advice about what level your artwork should be framed at

Level 1 (Previously Museum)

The ultimate protection for your artwork

Level 2 (Previously Conservation)

Helping preserve your artwork for future generations

Level 3 (Previously Commended)

Guarantees a degree of protection, with design playing an important part

Level 4 (Previously Budget)

Visually pleasing, but offering no long-term protection.



Choice of materials

I can help you with the obvious choice of mount board colours and frame moulding styles but also with the less obvious choices of glass types which can make a massive difference to the finished result.

Mount cutting

Choose from a wide range of mount board types and colours including materials suitable for conservation framing

Mount cutting in a wide range of styles including multiple mounts and multiple windows

Frame mouldings

Mouldings are available in a very wide range of materials, styles, widths and colours to suit your budget.

Frames are cut using a professional Morso frame guillotine which provides neat accurate mitres

A professional underpinner makes invisible joints of the mitred frame

Final assembly includes glass cutting, backing, sealing and fixing of hanging wire

Specialised framing

In addition to simple framing I can frame a wide range of memorabilia and other items such as Sports Jerseys,  Medals etc

I can also stretch and mount cross-stitch and other fabric pieces

If you have something unusual to display,  contact me for advice.



Pricing depends on a number of factors including frame type,  size , specialist materials and the time required for complex designs.

You can be sure that our prices will be cheaper than most high street framing establishments.   There is no VAT to pay

Why Choose Us

We will work with you to provide the results you are looking for.

From choice of materials to finishing we are sure you will be pleased with the result

Framed photos

Why not buy a framed photograph from one of our range of images in the gallery?   We can supply any of these  images with a simple frame and mount at A3 size for £70